PCP Deployment Models

You have a choice about whether to run the PCP pmwebd and pmcd services on each node, or a central pmwebd “proxy” that connects to nodes running only pmcd.

The Vector hostname and drop-down hostspec fields specify the various combinations:

  1. Per-node pmwebd and pmcd

    This increases the minimum installation footprint. Set hostname to the the pmwebd host:port (default 44323), and leave the hostspec at the default localhost.

  2. Central pmwebd, per-node pmcd

    This may add latency due to the intermediate hop. Set hostname field to point to the pmwebd host:port (default 44323), and the hostspec to the target host name, or more general pcp:// URL that may contain authentication, container, or proxying directives.

    See the PMCD Host Specification page for more details.

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