Getting Started

Vector screenshot

Installing PCP

In order to get started, you should first install Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) version 3.10+ on each host you plan to monitor. PCP will collect the metrics and make them available for Vector. The pmcd (port tcp/44321) and/or pmwebd (port tcp/44323) services need to be running on each host, with the network ports exposed.

Optional monitoring agents can also be installed in order to collect specific metrics that are not supported by PCP’s system agent.

See Installing Performance Co-Pilot for install instructions.

Once PCP is installed, you should be able to run Vector and connect to the monitored host.

Running Vector

Vector is a static web application that runs completely inside the users’s browser. You should be able to run it using the development server or deploy it to any web server, like Apache or Nginx.

The following guides should help you get started:

Get Connected