Custom Widget

Custom Widget

Apart from adding widgets to widget definitions for permanent use, widgets can be temporarily added to the dashboard using a simple GUI.

You can enable the GUI feature by changing the constant enableCustomWidgetFeature to true in the file /src/app/config.js and rebuilding.

Once enabled follow these steps to add a custom widget with a metric on the dashboard.

  • Open the Dashboard dropdown, and select Custom chart or Custom table under the Custom section. This will add a new chart panel to your dash.
  • Click the cog icon to open the settings panel for the widget.

Note: If you refresh, your custom widget will be present but you will need to reconfigure it.

  • In the field Select Metric, type the name of the metric and press return.
  • Select from the following options to customise the view: ** Stacked Area - is the chart an area or line chart. (This is ignored for a table). ** Cumulative - is the data source cumulative over time (such as total bytes written) or non-cumulative (such as load average). ** Converted - provide a javascript conversion function to convert the format (eg multiply by 1024) ** Format - customise the Y axis formatting. (This is ignored for a table).
  • Once all the options are set as needed, click on OK button to start collecting data.

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