Creating Widgets

Simple Widgets

Here is a simple example of how to create a new widget based on an existing data model.

Just append this to the definitions array under app/components/widget/widget.factory.js.

    name: 'nfs4.client',
    title: 'NFS4',
    directive: 'line-integer-time-series',
    dataAttrName: 'data',
    dataModelType: MultipleCumulativeMetricTimeSeriesDataModel,
    dataModelOptions: {
        name: 'nfs4.client',
        metricDefinitions: {
            "calls": "nfs4.client.calls",
            "reqs": "nfs4.client.reqs"
    size: {
        width: '25%',
        height: '250px'
    enableVerticalResize: false,
    group: "NFS4"

This polls the nfs4.client metric, assuming a cumulative value and reusing the MultipleCumulativeMetricTimeSeriesDataModel data model.

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