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An on-host performance monitoring framework which exposes hand picked high resolution metrics to every engineer’s browser

What is Vector?

Vector is an open source on-host performance monitoring framework which exposes hand picked high resolution system and application metrics to every engineer’s browser. Having the right metrics available on-demand and at a high resolution is key to understand how a system behaves and correctly troubleshoot performance issues.


Vector provides access to high-resolution metrics, up to 1 second.


Metrics come directly from the monitored host, in near real-time.


The monitoring overhead is close to zero and the agent is completely idle while not being used.


Only the necessary metrics are collected for monitoring, keeping the framework very light.


Completely configurable dashboards provide simple cross-metric correlation and analysis.


Vector is open source and can be easily extended to include more metrics and widgets.

Getting Started

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Vector depends on Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) to collect metrics on each host you plan to monitor.

See Installing Performance Co-Pilot for instructions on how to do it.

Once PCP is installed, you should be able to run Vector and connect to the monitored host.

With Docker

We provide an official Docker image for Vector. You can pull it from Docker Hub and start the container with the following command.

$ docker run \
-d \
--name vector \
-p 80:80 \

With a Web Server

Since Vector is just a static application, you should be able to easily deploy it to any web server. For example, using Ubuntu with Apache 2.

$ cd /var/www/html
$ sudo wget
$ sudo tar xvzf vector.tar.gz

Building from source

Vector is a NodeJS application, and can be built from source if you want to customise it.

See the compilation instructions.

That's it! Just open your browser and point to your Docker container on port 80 or the web server. Apache also runs by default on port 80.

Once the Vector UI is loaded, just enter the hostname or IP from the host you installed PCP on, and start collecting metrics!

Happy Monitoring!



Vector has a team on Slack, where most of the development and usage discussions happen.

If you have a question or would like to discuss anything releated to Vector, join the team! If you don't have an invite yet, enter your email here and we will send you one!

Join Vector on Slack for support and discussion.

You can also post questions to to either Google Groups or Stack Overflow.


Vector tracks bugs and future development on GitHub.

If you have a bug or issue to report, GitHub issues is the place to go.


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Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the “License”); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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